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▨ ▨ Sweet Tooth Femboy Club & Hangout Recruitment!

By : Taki Kujisawa

▨ ▨ Sweet Tooth ▨ ▨
▨ ▨ Femboy Club & Hangout ▨ ▨    
Sweet Tooth is currently looking for dancers and DJs. Please take the time to read this note to ensure your desired position meets your needs and ours.

▨ Who are we looking for? ▨
▨ This is a femboy themed club. We would like to have staff fitting with the theme, but if you still want to apply anyways feel free. We don't want to create exclusion just because we have a theme.
▨ No one under 30 days may apply.
▨ RL gender and/or orientation is not applicable.
▨ Must be at least 18 IRL due to SL TOS.
▨ You keep 100% of your tips. The house does not take a cut, we run entirely on donations.
▨ Emoting and RP experience is a plus! We want people to feel welcome without being overwhelmed, so a friendly greeting is a requirement for all who come into the club. Both dancers and DJs are required to greet guests and work the room.
▨ ▨ An Example: Taki Kujisawa smiles warmly and waves at Jin as he enters. "Hi Jin! Welcome to Sweet Tooth!"

▨ What is the club like? ▨
▨ Our goal is sexy, fun and friendly. There will be a fair share of nudity and adult activity or imagery.

▨ What do I do if I want to be a dancer or DJ? ▨
Contact Victoria Halostar or Taki Kujisawa by notecard but keep the following expectations in mind.

▨ You will be expected to continuously work the room. This means there is no afk pole dancing or just being idle and waiting on tips. The patrons MUST feel welcomed and feel like their their presence and enjoyment is important to us.
▨ All tips are yours, but we ask that you make occasional reminders that the club runs on donations and to please donate if they are enjoying themselves and having fun.
▨ We do not  manage what dancers charge for taking clothes off, just keep it reasonable.
▨ DJ's must have their own stream. This may change as we get more donations.

▨ What do I do if I want to sponsor an event? ▨
▨ Contact either Taki Kujisawa or Victoria Halostar by notecard only, our IM's cap often.

Please contact Victoria Halostar or Taki Kujisawa with any questions or comments by notecard. It is very important that you send all inquires by notecard because our IM's cap.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you,
Taki Kujisawa & Victoria Halostar
Sweet Tooth Management

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